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PERFORMANCE. SUNDAY 1Oth of DECEMBER, 2023. 20h. ENG A coagulation of coagulations: 24 old Coàgul themes concentrated into a single monolithic coagulation divided into 8 parts. Each part corresponds to a specific archetypal universal idea,… Leer más »COÀGUL


LIVE SATURDAY, 9th of DECEMBER, 2023. 21:30h  ENG Raquel Tort’s solo project was born in the medieval town of Hostalric, Catalonia (SP), a suggestive environment to frame her brittle mix of electronic beats, distorted voices and… Leer más »ELA REA


Live SUNDAY 10th of DECEMBER, 2023. 20:30h ENG Sinemis is the experimental ambient project of Circassian-Turkish producer Siné Buyuka.She released the single Medi in the Wind Layers compilation on 7K! in 2021, followed by hermini-album… Leer más »SINEMIS